One-on-one coaching gives women individualized support as they navigate the complex demands of life and careers. Customized coaching allows the participant to focus on areas specific to their own personal and professional development. These areas often include: 

  • stress management
  • career navigation
  • personal branding
  • time management
  • networking
  • building and maintaining motivation
  • intentional living
  • uncovering strengths and weaknesses
  • true potential
  • strategic thinking
  • decision making
  • problem solving
  • conflict management
  • communication skills
  • negotiation
  • building relationships
  • self management
  • work-life balance
  • managing life transitions
  • developing self-confidence
  • self awareness

Each focused session offers the participant collaborative growth opportunities to meet each client's unique needs. Coaching is offered in monthly, quarterly, and annual agreements via web-based conference or teleconference with additional email communication between sessions. Contact Bauman Consulting Group to schedule a complementary consultation and see how coaching can work for you.

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